Welcome To GHPS Tilak Nagar

Breaking the pathways……July 1995 onwards

GURU HARKRISHAN PUBLIC SCHOOL, TILAK NAGAR, NEW DELHI is a unique effort of the community, By the community For the community.

Efforts to rehabilitate migrants from Afghanistan, efforts to provide equity and affordable education to students coming from different socio economic background. Students have left the portals of Guru Harkrishan public school, Tilak Nagar EDUCATIONALLY, MORALLY AND SOCIALLY EQUIPPED to take on the race of life.

Sprawled over two acres in a densely crowded Tilak Nagar belt of West Delhi, it is a school with a difference which was established in 1995 especially for the students coming from near by areas. The school is educationally uplifting a large numbers of students coming from various backgrounds without any discrimination.

The school is providing concessional subsidized education and Scholarships, thereby enabling students coming from weaker section to attain education at par with other counter parts. The students are competitive and progressive. The school embraces diversity and bonds all with common humanity that transcends all differences.

Our Vision And Mission

Guru Harkrishan Public School is a school with a difference, with an exalted aim. The exalted vision is to produce ideal members of society with knowledge and skill, who possess character and personality steeped in spiritual values. The school aims to impart quality education to the students. It focuses on the holistic development of its students.

Principal’s Message

“Education Is The Most Powerful Weapon Which You Can Use To Change The World” By Nelson Mandela

With the grace of God , GHPS Tilak Nagar has been steadily progressing over the years. Our school stands on the firm commitment and assurance to serve the society with dedication and devotion. Sincere and serious efforts are being made to improve the infrastructure, standard of education and to progress in all academic and non-academic fields.

Emphasis on activities in the area of Sikh religion, history, tradition culture and Punjabi language along with modern education has been in consonance with school’s aims and objectives of over all development of personality of its students.

We at GHPS Tilak Nagar teach the students that no obstacle is insurmountable. No one can stop you from gaining your goal. Success comes when you get what you want or desire. You must, therefore, have a goal, an objective or a target. Let’s make the best use opportunities offered to us all. nothing is impossible in the world.
Visualize the image of what you would like to become in life . Be true to your own self. Your aspirations may seem mere daydreams at the start . Never mind and never fear . What appears impossible today will become a reality tomorrow with your determination, dedication and application.

Our mission is to create a warm , loving , conducive environment that instils self-confidence , creativity and freedom of thought and expression . Here we ensure that every child leaves the school well established and as a good human being with the strong character. We lay foundation for their love for learning which is only made possible by a team of dedicated , well experienced and well qualified educators who with love patience and understanding, are able to cultivate a relationship and bond with each student for a child’s development. Parents are a crucial stakeholders and serve as a role model for children to follow. We believe parents and teachers must work in tandem to bring out the best in each child.

We are highly indebted to our apex body DSGMC GHPS (New Delhi) society and our school management for their unstinted support and valuable guidance.

Kulvinder Kaur