Breaking the Pathways.. July 1995 onwards GURU HARKRISHAN PUBLIC SCHOOL, TILAK NAGAR : NEW DELHI is a unique effort OF the Community BY the Community FOR the Community.
Efforts, Efforts and Unique Efforts have gone BEHIND.. The Efforts to plant the uprooted saplings in the safe environs of the Education.
Effort to rehabilitate migrants from Afghanistan, Efforts to provide equity and affordable education to students coming from different socio-economic background.
The plant has yielded fruit. Students have left the portals of Guru Harkrishan Public School, Tilak Nagar, EDUCATIONALLY, MORALLY AND SOCIALLY EQUIPPED to take on the race of life healthy and healed.
Sprawled over two acres in a densely crowded Tilak Nagar, belt of West Delhi, Guru Harkrishan Public School, Tilak Nagar is a school with a difference.
Established in 1995 especially for the students coming from nearby area. It is educationally uplifting a large numbers of students coming from socio-economic disadvantaged families.